The department for digital solutions.

What do we offer? 

Web Application

Websites with custom interactive features. This could be for a variety of areas, such as an online course or a fully functional stock exchange. You need it, we build it.

Mobile Application

Are you seeking to realize your idea of an app? Text chat or marketplace, Android or Apple, native or cross-platform. We can do it.


Need an experts opinion? Have an unfinished idea? Want to clearly define your business- or project-plan? We can help you.


Need someone to host, analyze operate, monitor, or just deploy your project? Want to continuously gap the bridge between development and deployment? Thats what we do.


Want a process to run independent and secure? Save resources and time? Lets automate it.

Machine Learning

Need predictions or data analysis in a specific field? Looking to solve a problem or improve your product with AI? No problem.

Data Extraction

Need to get data and use it for your project? Looking to build a database? We can.

Blockchain Technologies

Do you want your project to be based on a blockchain? Trying to work with NFT's or tokens? Good idea.

How does it work?



Reach out to us with your project or let us define it together. With a clear arrangement, we will create a Proposal and then frame your project along these lines. We will hand over the project by or before the agreed delivery day.



Maybe its time to modernize your product or improve the existing one. We will implement new features or remake your product and processes. We can scale your product to accommodate growing demand. We will test the new implementations in a safe environment before handing it over and deploying it to your existing project.



You have a top notch product and now its time to optimize your processes. Accelerate by not making them dependent on your interaction or approval. Enhance features, workflows or safety. We tailor scripts around your project and needs by looking at the workflow and adapting it. We will hand it over with a visual interface for you to stay in control of whats happening.

What have we been working on?

Projects of course. Here is a small selection, just for you.

The Devicion Story

It's all about doing what you love, right? Because with passion and determination comes a great product. And thats really what drives us to create solutions for the challenges of our time. We are a young and ambitious team with a wide range of skills and backgrounds. Thats why we are able to offer so many different services.

What do you say?

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